How to break the cycle of acne with Benzac

How to Break the Cycle of Acne for Good

You’ve tried countless treatments and products to stop the acne coming back. Noticing a blemish on your face is one thing. But for acne sufferers, it’s more than skin deep. Your skin struggles can make you feel self-conscious and you worry about people staring at your skin when you leave the house.

We hear you. We know you want to break the acne cycle for good. Thankfully, while treating your acne can be tricky, it’s not impossible – especially when you turn to the experts for advice.

At Benzac, we’re not interested in quick fixes. We went about and made a range of therapeutic acne treatment products that you can really trust, to help you put a stop to breakouts (and everything that comes along with it). 

We’ve broken down exactly what your skin needs in three clear tips you can start today, to help break the cycle of acne for good.

1. Key acne-fighting ingredients

Benzoyl peroxide is a dual action ingredient which helps to break down dead skin layers that are blocking your pores while killing the acne-causing bacteria at the same time.

Benzoyl peroxide is the active ingredient in the Benzac AC range of treatment gels. When applied, Benzac AC treatment gels and 5% wash kills up to 94% of the acne causing bacteria²,³, plus it reduces inflammation and unblocks pores. So you can be confident knowing that you’re doing something right to combat acne.

2. A consistent skincare routine 

This is another non-negotiable. We have created a combination therapy to treat acne with a simple three-step skincare routine of cleanse, treat and moisturise. It’s designed to hit key angles of acne treatment and make sure the skin is properly cleansed, treated and hydrated.

For best results, you need to do this routine morning and night. Why? Because your skin is exposed to completely different things during the day compared with when you are sleeping at night. For example, during the day you might have been wearing makeup, playing sports or most likely have been in contact with your phone (which is covered in bacteria and germs – trust us).

Sun protection is another factor to consider when you are treating acne. If you don’t use sunscreen and other sun protection measures, sunburn can cause further irritation and inflammation. So, make sure you are protecting your skin with a good sunscreen that is lightweight, non-shiny and is made for oily-prone skin.

At night the same routine is required. This is to make sure your skin can repair properly and ‘wash off the day’ without being impacted by dirt, sun exposure or other environmental factors that come into play.

3. Time

We know this is the last thing you want to hear, but treating acne will not happen overnight, nor is it a one-time use kind of deal. It can take eight, ten, twelve or more weeks of consistent treatment to see improvement.

We ask that you give us whatever patience you have left. Start with our three-step skincare routine and be consistent with it morning and night. Every. Single. Day!

If you do that, you’ll be so much closer to breaking the acne cycle because you’ll be treating the cause with effective anti-acne ingredients and the right routine.

Remember that the human body works at its own pace, and while it may be frustrating to wait for results, having a consistent and patient approach now means clearer skin and an increase in wellbeing and quality of life in the long run.

Hang in there.